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"We at Gargash Insurance value your precious time and that‰Ûªs the reason why we have now made it even more easier for you to get insurance. May be it Motor, Travel or Home Insurance , ‰ÛÏGargash Insurance App‰Û is an extremely useful tool for you avail your desired insurance policy at your fingertips. You can now request insurance quotes, pay online via the app and get your insurance policy delivered at your doorstep free of cost. It‰Ûªs EASY, SIMPLE & QUICK! So download this app now and get your Insurance on the Go!\n Features:-\n- Request your desired quotes\n- Select your quote and pay online via the app\n\n- Fill in your contact details to get policy delivered at your doorstep free of cost\n\n- Get your Policy Renewed\n\n- Request feedback on claims\n\n- Check and maintain your existing policy portfolio"

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