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Hex Masters Free

Download the top Hex app on iTunes for Free!\n\nHex is a classic strategy board game where 2 players try to form a connected path from one side of the board to the other! Win by connecting your colored lines with your gems while blocking your opponent from doing the same.\n\nPlay single player with 12 different difficulty levels or online multiplayer against millions of other players!\n\nGame Features:\n\n‰Ñ Play against millions of other players with online multiplayer!\n‰Ñ Challenge yourself with 12 awesome difficulty levels in single player!\n‰Ñ Complete dozens of achievements to prove your skills!\n‰Ñ Compete with your friends for high scores to top the leaderboard!\n‰Ñ Customize your games with 6 different board sizes!\n\nHex is easy to learn but hard to master! Will you become The Hex Master?\n\n=====================================\n\nFollow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook! \ \\n\n=====================================

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