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Fish Feast 3D

"Fish Feast is a simple strategy game that will keep you busy for hours. Combining stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Fish Feast allows you to challenge yourself in ways you have never experienced. \n\nWith Fish Feast, we stretched the game to physical boundaries; bounce the fish off your phone walls to survive in a unique 3D experience. A billiards-inspired trek, \""Feast\"" allows you to feel as though you are literally holding a pool table in your hand. Yet, Fish Feast isn’t quite pool. It’s a significantly modified version. Perhaps the main fish can be compared to the “white ball” and the minnows the pool balls, but there are no holes, no scratches, and most importantly, no messy chalk. Ew. \n\nYour simple goal is to eat and survive.\n\n**How to play:\n-Grab onto the main fish and drag around the screen to position.\n-Once you are satisfied with the position, fling the fish off the phone walls or other obstacles a certain number of times (number above fish) before ea

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